Experience the Power of Penntek

At ICS, we exclusively use Penntek products, a testament to our commitment to quality. Unlike regular epoxy, Penntek coatings offer unmatched strength, a longer lifespan, and a superior warranty. Elevate your space with the best in concrete floor technology.

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What is the Penntek Difference?

Experience the Penntek Difference with ICS Concrete Coatings, outperforming traditional epoxy coatings. Our Penntek products exceed expectations, providing unmatched durability, resilience, and aesthetics. Say goodbye to mundane flooring solutions and elevate your space with our superior offerings.

Our durable floor systems, designed for tough industrial settings, promise a lifetime of value. With a swift one-day installation, ICS Concrete Coatings ensures efficiency. Benefit from Penntek’s Limited Lifetime Warranty covering fading and yellowing, along with a 15-year Product Warranty against chips, cracks, and peeling. Choose lasting excellence with ICS Concrete Coatings.

Chip Floor Finish

For a highly-durable floor with maximum visual impact, the Chip Floor Finish is the perfect solution. The orange peel texture of this finish provides additional traction and adds a unique granite-like visual element to any size space.

Advantages of Chip Floor Finish:

  • High-gloss finish for a clean, appealing space
  • Variety of pre-tinted color options
  • Chemical- and abrasion-resistant surface
  • Extreme adhesion with rapid cure, high-traffic durability

Solid Color Polyurea Floor Finish

If you need flooring that can handle extreme temperature fluctuations, then the Solid Color Polyurea Floor Finish is for you. The unique makeup of this product allows it to hold up to freeze and thaw cycles while remaining flexible, and it offers numerous benefits to help you get the highest value for your investment:

Advantages of Solid Floor Finish: 

  • Fast 24-hour installation and cure time
  • Longest recoat window of polyurea products
  • Variety of options for color, texture, and slip-resistance
  • Hot and cold weather durability
  • Low-maintenance upkeep

Shop Floor Polyurea Floor Finish

Exceptional durability and resistance to chemicals is essential when it comes to flooring in your shop, and our Shop Floor Polyurea Floor Finish is built to withstand the toughest applications. The extreme resilience of this type of flooring protects both your employees and your business’s bottom line with the following benefits: 

  • Uniform, slip-resistant, textured surface
  • Extreme adhesion for long-lasting durability
  • High chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Affordable, cost-effective floor finish
  • Variety of colors to match the aesthetic of your shop

Discover the Penntek Difference with ICS