Commercial Flooring

Enhance Your Business Flooring with Superior Concrete Coatings

ICS Concrete Coatings recognizes the importance of convenience and budget when choosing commercial flooring. Whether upgrading your showroom or adding slip resistance to a warehouse, our coatings enhance your space’s appearance while ensuring functionality and durability. From warehouses to hospitals, we provide the ideal polyurea coating for any concrete setting. Our wide range of coatings and advanced preparation equipment ensures quick, effective applications with minimal downtime. We work closely with you to find the perfect coating to meet your specific needs.

If your concrete floor is showing signs of wear, our process and coatings will transform it, delivering a smooth, shiny finish that lasts. 

We stand by our work with a 5-year warranty on all commercial floor coatings, covering chipping, peeling, delamination, and wear. Trust us to provide flooring solutions that ensure both stunning aesthetics and unmatched durability.

Why Choose Us for Your Business Flooring Needs

Superior Safety

An anti-slip floor coating provides traction and texture that protects your employees from slips and falls.a

Easy Upkeep

Drips and spills are unavoidable in most commercial spaces, but our low-maintenance systems make cleaning up a breeze.

Extreme Durability

High impacts, abrasions, and chemicals are no match for the high-quality floor coatings from Penntek.

Fast Installation

In the world of business, time is money, so we’ll minimize the impact on your bottom line by getting your new floor ready for use in less than a day.

Upgrade Your Commercial Space Today!